The Sports Review: Get your inner boxer out of the box

BoxBiz, the London-based start-up, has launched a week of events to promote the benefits of boxing in today’s hectic business world

A first event will take place on 20 June in WeWork Chancery Lane. After an empowering workout session taught by coach Roosevelt Morrison, a relaxed networking session will be held.

This unique way to break the ice has unforeseen benefits: it helps to release stress, build self-confidence – and makes it much easier to interact with people and make new connections.

A second event is planned on 22 June at WeWork Aldgate and will be specially dedicated to empowering women. Georgie Starkie will conduct this workshop and will help attendees discover how boxing can increase discipline, empower and boost energy and concentration. Boxing is all about becoming the best version of ourselves and tackling each day with the hunger to succeed.

Throughout the week, the followers of BoxBiz will receive tips and quotes to help them enhance their skills and get their inner boxer out of the box. The #BoxBizChallenge will be launched on Monday and will encourage people to share their best boxing move on social media and challenge their friends.

BoxBiz is the solution for people willing to work-out and gain new skills to improve their everyday life.

The founder, Anna Zuccarini, experienced the positive changes boxing brought to her life: “It gave me the mental strength to keep pushing myself towards my goals and my dreams. Boxing is my source of strength and energy to keep a healthy mind and stay focused.”

Empowering others through BoxBiz’s services is now her mission.

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