Boxing: a complete Body and Mindfulness training

Our aim at BoxBiz is to help you achieve your objectives, and the reason why we believe Boxing is the perfect combination to increase people’s performances is that it could be the perfect kid on “Fitness” and “Therapy”.

There is nothing like a high-intensity sweat sesh – in gloves – to get us feeling fierce, empowered and the best kind of sore.

Why boxing works?

Here’s the thing about boxing: When you’re fully engaging your body and are so intensely concentrated on one thing, it’s hard to dwell on that nagging item on your to-do list. “Boxing requires a focus that demands 100 percent attention, it’s the new dynamic meditation” says Anna, founder of BoxBiz.

6 Benefits of Boxing:

Relieve Stress: No matter what you bring into the room, as you hit the pads, your brain increases production of endorphins – neurotransmitters that create feel-good thoughts. Punching can also relieve muscle tension that is built-up throughout the day.

Build Confidence: There is something incredibly empowering about hitting something. After a class, you leave feeling stronger and energized.

Improve Mental Focus: As you work key punches and defensive moves, you will find your focus is improved, increasing your concentration. Our boxing programs call out the names of the punches or number, executed in unison by everyone in the class, to reinforce memory recall and keep you present in the moment.

Get a Total Body Workout: It is a common misconception that boxing only works out your arms. Throwing a punch is a total body movement – the power in your punch actually comes from the ground up from your legs through your core and ultimately your arms.

Work out Efficiently: Boxing does what you want a workout to do. It is a fun, group activity and engaging way to tone and sculpt muscle while burning calories and fat. A boxing workout increases metabolism and improves mobility, strength, hand-eye coordination and core stability.

Learn a Skill: Whether you are putting on gloves for the first time or the thousandth time, there is always room to grow. There is no such thing as the perfect punch; part of the addiction is building your skills — getting faster and more powerful every day.