ibo welterweight world champion

Our talented boxing instructor, Hannah Rankin has recently obtained IBO Super Welterweight World Champion title on 15th June 2019 in Scotland, which has been proudly sponsored by BoxMind. ​

After becoming Scotland’s First Female World Champion and as a BoxMind Coach Hannah hopes to inspire more girls to take up boxing. Her Boxing journey has started from a fitness level and progressed into White Collar charity fights and now, alongside her musical career, has pursued that to a professional level training 6 days a week & twice a day when she was in the training camp before her big fight. Today, Hannah is one of the top 4 girls in the world that has this title.

empowering women

Being a professional Female Boxer, she wants to inspire other women into the sport as it can empower you and make you feel stronger. As Boxing is a male-dominated sport, it pushes her to make some impact to change other people mindset. She wanted to encourage women to give Boxing a go as it is a fantastic sport to become physically  and mentally healthier.

hannah and boxmind

As a BoxMind instructor, Hannah has obtained a 5-star rating from attendees due to the uniqueness of her class of putting the concentration of real technique into training.

The benefit of Boxing is the empowerment of mind-body connection which helps improve coordination, multi-tasking, confidence and strength, as well as to decrease stress.

Hence, we are encouraging everyone to join a BoxMind Boxing class due to our high quality instructors and the uniqueness of our step-by-step guidance. Train like a pro with a pro!