BoxMind x Spartan


Spartan Corporate Race

On Friday 22nd November, BoxMind Team decided to challenge themselves by participating in the world’s best obstacle race: SPARTAN. The Team took part in a 5km race and 20 Obstacles during the Corporate Race Challenge hosted at Twickenham Stadium on Friday evening. After 20 obstacles including several jumping squats & burpees, wall and rope climbing, and a final fire jump, BoxMind Team successfully finished the race in 58:40’. The aim of the race was to push our limits and finish the race as a team, helping and motivating each other when someone had a down time – believe us, jogging up and down the stadium stairs with 30kg sand bag is really challenging. But BoxMind Team knows best that we can achieve anything as long as you set your mind.

In addition, on Saturday 23rd November, BoxMind collaborated with Spartan in offering consecutive 15 minutes boxing warm-up sessions for the racers to be physically and mentally prepared for the race. Indeed, the event was opened for participants at all fitness levels, as well as for Elites and Kids. The race was made for teams and individuals to challenge and enjoy themselves. Our aim for our BoxMind Warm-up zone was to prepare racers’ body to take part in strenuous physical activity and gradually ignited their cardiovascular system by increasing their body temperature as well as blood flow to their muscles. Therefore, this reduced their muscle soreness after the race and lowered their risk of injury.

Racers could also win some BoxMind Prizes via Raffle tickets including Goodie bags, BoxMind T-shirts and BoxMind Boxing hand wraps. The goodie bags were full of healthy products from BoxMind’s partners including premium quality pure mineral salts from Westlab, crunchy roasted peas from Brave, protein bars from RX bar, cereal bars from Boka and healthy lean protein shake from FreeSoul. It was an event not to be missed!

Spartan BoxMind

We loved collaborating with Spartan as we share the same values and missions: believing that every individual is capable of pushing their limits through mind-body empowerment.

Thereby, we all encourage you to become more active and to be physically and mentally healthier through the disciplines of having a better fitness lifestyle and challenge yourself!