Our Story.

People can keep saying how good boxing is for your physical and mental health, but you can never really realise it until you try it. That is what our founder, Anna Zuccarini, realised when she started boxing two years ago. At first, she was just curious to experience such a discipline, but after starting to get into English boxing, she fell in love with the way it made her feel. It totally changed the way she used to face life challenges.

At that time, she was building her own start-up and struggling with financial issues during the start of her entrepreneurial career. Thankfully, boxing gave her the mental strength to keep pushing herself towards her goals and dreams. It helped her to improve her discipline and management of energy: calm but quick-thinking when needed. She found even more strength thanks to boxing when her mother was diagnosed with cancer: the sport was her source of strength and energy to keep a healthy mind and her focus.

This part of her life led her to create an innovative start-up aiming to empower businesswomen like her and to encourage them to fight to get what they want. Anna is an ambitious woman and she knows how much self-confidence and fighting spirit are crucial when it comes to managing a business. Even more importantly, boxing can help you discover new abilities: how to focus better, to be more efficient, to control stress and develop resilience, mental and physical strength.

The benefits of boxing have allowed her to become the best version of herself, something most businesswomen will need to be during their journey to success.