What people are saying.

Barre class – loved it!! Trainer was tough but really personable. Everything ached but in a good way. Intense workout with a lovely savasana at the end. Perfect end to the day.


Great workout, a lot of fun. Also a very good introduction to boxing. It has given me an interest in boxing, which I wasn’t expecting.


I really appreciate having the opportunity to workout with the Box Mind team. The sessions are challenging, combined with the coach’s focus on technique makes all the difference compared to any group boxing exercise I have done previously. I highly recommend!!


Box Mind classes to me started as something new to discover and experience as I wanted to get a little active and they were coming to my workplace. But I was totally taken by surprise when I fell in love with their teaching philosophy. Not only that but also what it has done to my mind and body altogether. BoxMind Coach strives to get you to understand the foundations of what is to be a real boxer / kickboxer, which means you won’t start your first class getting to learn a million punches and kicks and barely last a minute on the pads. Instead you start by improving your conditioning and resistance with a slow introduction to good technique. Focusing on how to train your mind to bare the physical strain of what it really takes to be a fighter. I could see improvement in myself in every new session. It’s a great feeling to be part of BoxMind and I recommend anyone to try. It has truly changed the way I look at fitness, mental and body strength.


Great sessions. They really make you feel like you’ve had a work out, but are also great for boxing technique and focusing the mind, especially after a hard day at work. Also liking the kickboxing classes!


Boxing is never a sport I had considered for myself. However, I randomly tried a Box Mind class in 2017 and have been attending classes ever since! Morrison is without a doubt the best trainer I have ever met. Every class is a challenge but I leave feeling like I’ve accomplished something. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come since I started. Box Mind has helped me lose weight and meet fun new people but it’s also made me feel stronger in myself. I feel more in control and I find boxing is the perfect outlet for any stress I feel. I can’t thank everyone at Box Mind enough (especially Morrison)!


BoxMind helps get to know people, it is engaging and you are learning a new skill, and it gets the blood pumping after a stressful day.


I honestly can’t rate these sessions highly enough, I never regret a session, only ever not pushing myself to wake up in the morning if I miss it! Morrison the trainer motivates, pushes you to do the best you can but also understands your limits and how to encourage you to progress. I always feel energised after a class and ready to take on the day, and my fitness levels have definitely improved. I would never have thought I’d get so into boxing, but now it’s the best workout of my week and I actually look forward to the next class. Great job Boxmind team and thank you!


Its a great way of continuing to keep fit without too much travel, meeting new people within your building and a fantastic stress reliever!


Amazing session! Our Trainer Morrison was really good. He was really helpful and succeed to motivate everybody!

Great experience! I’d recommend without hesitation!